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Finding quality education in Business Administration can prove to be difficult even though it is the most commonly offered major online. After a comprehensive research on the matter I enrolled myself at a fully accredited university online and today it is this degree that has taken me places in my career.

Jerry Daivon

Come recession and the safest degrees, diplomas and certifications has proven to be those majoring in Business Administration as this is most flexible and applicable field of education in a number of jobs. I am working as a finance manager at a well-known Airlines company and much more content than many of my friends with degrees in other more specified majors limiting them to a certain field of work.

Amber Brown

Top 10 Degree Programs

Business Administration

The aim of this course is to deepen the knowledge of business environment in the international marketplace. Special focus is given on the factors that influence the market and investment and how to tackle it. Theories concerning the characteristics of business-to-business marketing, business negotiations as well as business market competition and planning are examined.

Special emphasis is put on business systems provide students with an understanding of the integration within the supply chain and management of logistical activities. Logistics outsourcing as well as the configuration of alliances in business logistics are included in the coursework as well. The students will present a written project related to B-2-B networks. Lectures and assignments consisting of writing and orally presenting reports based on collected information and written exam will be a must to present and attend.

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