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"The prompt response to all my queries and the friendly atmosphere are major reasons why I loved my experience with Universal Degree. Accessible and flexible is exactly how I pictured my online experience would be. I was hoping for a fast-paced, flexible and quick online learning experience that I could adjust to my schedule and Universal Degree Full Time Education Programs provided me all I was looking and hoping for. Through 24x7 accessible Student’s Area, I am able to better manage my time to include a full-time job and family. I am not bound by physical visits to a classroom and can comfortably study from home, access my courses and take help from Academic Advisors.”

Jessica C. – CA
(Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology)

One of the main reasons why I wanted to pursue my MBA degree was to make others believe that I do have business education in all the disciplines like accounting, finance, operations etc. I had lots of exposure in all these fields but was lacking proper credentials. Universal Degree helped me to pursue my degree from Corllins University and today I have achieved my goals.

Laura B. – Dallas
(MBA Degree)

“Universal Degree Full Time online programs are designed for people who are employed, and for people who have time and budget constraints. The management at Universal Degree is very caring about you and they care about your success in the program. Especially as a student away from campus, you never feel disconnected from the campus. I've just absolutely adored this masters program. The Academic Advisors have been absolutely wonderful.”

Martha K. – WA
(Associate Degree in Criminal Justice)

As soon as I received my graduation package from Universal Degree, I got my documents verified by your quick and reliable apostille services at my door step.

Ahmed, Sharjah

“My employer definitely noticed an improvement in me since I have been in the Full Time Education Program for my Masters Degree. I am really happy with the positive changes happening in my professional life. I recommend Universal Degree to everyone who wants a quick career development.”

S. Baker – TX
(Masters Degree in Management)

I am so glad that I received a professional service from you. Thank you for getting my degree aspostilled right on time.

Saleh Mohammad

"The Graduate Diploma Full Time Program by Corllins University way exceeded my expectations. Initially I really didn't know what to expect. The course material itself and the way it was put together were outstanding.”

Kristen K. – OR
(Graduate Diploma in Health Administration)

The top reason why I chose Universal Degree was that it was helping me to earn my credentials from a top university like Corllins . Everything went well from beginning to the end. The support from the academic advisors was tremendous and I am happy that I chose Universal degree to accomplish my career goals.

Adam S. – New Jersey
(Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice)

Corllins University degree programs are not only ‘top notch’ academically but they are highly relevant in today’s business world. The University's values of excellence, hard work, quality, and compassion provide the right combination for producing tomorrow's skilled business leaders.

Mary G. – TX
(PhD degree in Business Management)

"Universal Degree full time programs provide an amazing opportunity for anyone who couldn't take time away from work to go to school or just never finished college just like me. Now here is a chance to finally earn a degree and earn it from a great place like Corllins University. I’m really proud to be a graduate from Corllins University. "

Tom F. – Indiana
(Master’s Degree in Accounting)

My reason for choosing Universal Degree was accreditation. They are providing accredited degree in collaboration of a University like Corllins . It is apparent that the commitment to accreditation is at the core of the Corllins University degree programs. I am quite happy with the change Corllins University has brought into my professional life, thanks to Universal Degree.

Brian Bryd – CA
(Associate Degree in Computer Information Technology)

The care, support, and in particular the friendship of the Academic Advisors – from the beginning to the end - has been something that I have valued enormously.

Jessica T.- OK
(Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration)

Even after dedicating my whole life to music and arts I used to hear the comments that I don’t have a documented degree in music. I mean I do have experience, I do have skills but I don’t have a degree…does it make a difference? The answer is yes. I was encouraged by a friend to earn a degree based on my prior life experience through Universal Degree. Today I am glad that my friend recommended me Universal Degree and I listened to him. Now I don’t have to hear the comments that I lack proper credentials to prove my mastery in music.

Mike J. - NY
(Bachelor’s Degree in Music)

I am a stay-at-home mom. My kids were growing up and I used to think that what I would tell them about my qualifications when they grow up. The problem was I did not continue my education after completing my high school, though I had over 2 years of experience in Nursing. A neighbor of mine recommended Universal Degree to earn a degree based on prior knowledge and experience. I visited Universal Degree website and suddenly it occurred to me that I can get a degree based on my experience in nursing. Today I am really happy that I am qualified nurse and I can tell my kids that I do have a degree. Thank you Universal Degree.

Lauren Kevin- Alabama
(Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing)

I've always loved to act, sing and dance. Performing is something I have always loved to do all my life. Once, when I got auditioned to work for a TV channel, the interviewing team asked me for my degree. I never thought it would ever happen. I was sad, shocked and bewildered. I thought all my hard work has gone into vain. Then I found about Universal Degree which was offering degree based on the prior experience. My experience was enough to get me a Master’s level degree. The consultation and support of the advisors available was awesome. Thank you Universal Degree! What would I have done without you?

Alyssa K.- Ohio
(Master’s Degree in Performing Arts)