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How Long Will You Look The Other Way Whiles Prior Learning Assessment Degree From Universal Degrees Awaits You?

An artisan who was well skilled in the art of making wooden furniture put in an application for the post of the chief manger for the carpentry section of a major construction firm. This artisan was going to compete with other candidates, who had academic degrees, for the position. Unfortunately, this man did not even have the basic High School diploma even though he was well known in his county to be the best carpenter there could be. What happened to this man’s application for the job is anyone’s guess.

The hiring manager out rightly rejected the application letter and resume without even taking a second look at them. It must be said that this man had used his entire lifetime to gather the needed skills and knowledge in carpentry and would have been the best man for the job had he had a degree to back his application.

The prior learning assessment program is aimed at helping people like this artisan who have the knowledge but lacks the academic endorsement. An interview with the artisan letter on when his constant frustration with employers pushed him into contacting Universal Degrees revealed that he learnt the rudiments of his profession informally from his father. The knowledge he obtained from his father at an early stage was what he built on over the years in order to reach a stage where he could do phenomenal things with wood.

However, the absence of a degree from his portfolio kept him out of any meaningful employment. Even when he did get a job, it was mostly from people who wanted to exploit him. He worked long hours and was paid very little. This was his fate until Universal Degrees awarded him a degree based on the results of his prior learning assessment.

The team of assessors at Universal Degrees was quite surprised by how high this individual ranked when the results of his assessment were compiled. Unfortunately, he could never enjoy the sort of quality life such rich experience was supposed to bring to him. To forestall such bad experiences, people who have gone through rigorous training programs in the past should apply for the prior learning assessment degree program especially from Universal Degrees which is affiliated to the best online university in the world. The major university behind degrees awarded by Universal Degrees is an online university that holds two accreditations from internationally recognized brands. Universal Degrees has operated with permission from Corllins University for quite some time now.

Anytime an applicant for the prior learning assessment degree program files the relevant documents, the documents are immediately sent over to an experienced team, of learned individuals who can relate professional work experience to academic credits, at Corllins University. Each applicant is assigned an Academic advisor who will assist the applicant through the application process and also serve as the liaison between the applicant and the university. Universal Degrees has invested heavily into its online degree program. This is meant to provide prior learning assessment degree seekers as well as traditional online degree students a convenient environment in which to acquire credible degrees.

Universal Degrees also offers a free prior learning assessment program for all interested individuals. This assessment program is an internet based system; interested applicants can access the program from the website of Universal Degrees. Through a series of simple steps, you could find out if you qualify for a work or life based degree. This system is up and running every hour of the day, every day of the week. Once you get confirmation, you may also apply for your prior learning assessment degree at any time. Universal Degrees considers the following as worthy learning platforms for the award of the prior learning assessment degrees:

  • Personal engagements (here, these refer to activities the individual engages in either as a hobby or as a way of personal development)
  • Military training exercises and service
  • Community based programs
  • Peer review programs
  • Job assessment
  • Employer and privately sponsored training programs
  • Professional development seminars
  • Life enhancement seminars

The prior learning assessment degree program is a relatively inexpensive degree that opens huge potentials for those who keep up faith in it. Do not continue to waste time arguing about the authenticity of the prior learning assessment degree program whiles employers continue to reject your application letters. Do not turn a blind eye to the many people who have changed the course of their destinies using the prior learning assessment degree when your current situation calls for an immediate remedy using Universal degrees’ work experience degree programs. A degree from Universal Degrees will greatly change your life and ensure that you get what you deserve in the job market.

Prior Learning Assessment

We define Prior Learning as:

  • Prior job experience in any field
  • Military training
  • Previous educational achievements
  • Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
  • Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional
  • Professional / Corporate Trainings/Certifications
  • National Testing Programs
  • Independent Research Project / Self-directed Study
  • Independent Reading
  • Community Services
  • Volunteer Activities

Give it a try and start your Prior Learning Assessment now to find out if you are eligible to earn your desired degree. Click here to start prior learning assessment now.

Prior Learning Assessment Faculty

At Universal Degree, we have hired the most experienced faculty to assess your prior learning experience. Upon receipt of your application, your portfolio is assigned to an academic advisor. If needed, the academic advisor would contact you to get some more details about prior learning and experience. Once you e-mail back your responses to our questions, your application would be forwarded to the Academic Review Faculty at Corllins University. The Faculty would review your application and make a decision about approval or disapproval.

The Academic Advisors at Universal Degree have extensive experience in respective fields of study. Many of them are educationists and scholars, who assess your case from all aspects and make sure that the assessment result is justified.