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How Admission Works

Your future and your career is our main focus at Universal Degree. The admission process at Universal Degree combines the ease and flexibility of online learning with high academic standards and personalized attention, allowing you to pursue your higher education degree from a globally accredited institute. From the moment you contact us, our expert Academic Advisors would be available 24x7 to guide you throughout the admission process.

Universal Degree have established the following steps and procedures for admissions:

To apply for a degree or high school diploma at Universal Degree, you must fill in our application form, providing comprehensive details about yourself and your prior learning/work/life experience. Your experience should match the area of specialization in which you are pursuing a degree and our degree requirements.

As soon as you submit your application, your details would be reviewed by the Academic Advisors at Universal Degree. If needed, the academic advisor would contact you to get some more details about prior learning and experience. After that, your application would be forwarded to the Academic Review Faculty at Corllins University. The Faculty would review your application and make a decision about approval or disapproval within 24 hours.

As soon as you are approved for your desired degree, you become a student of Corllins University and can start using our credential verification service.

  • This is how the whole process works at Universal Degree. To get started right away for your desired degree, please follow the link given below.