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Financial Aid
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Scholarship Options

We understand your financial constraints and that’s why we offer you the following Scholarship plans. To find out more about our Scholarship programs, please give us a call at our toll free number, or you can leave your number and let us call you.


If you possess the extraordinary skills required to earn a scholarship, your fee can be slashed up to 10-20 %. The scholarship will be granted by our Scholarship Committee to deserving students only.

Students Referral

IYou can refer students to Universal Degrees and in return earn benefit with our student referral program. Your referrals will be applicable to a 10-15% fee cut.

Seasonal Discounts

Seasonal Discounts let you enjoy an exclusive cut-off price from 10-15% on the total tuition fee. They are offered on special seasons and for a limited time period only. Students are notified about these discounts through email or through our website.