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College Credit for Work Experience Degree for Military Personnel

Most military men and women are often faced with what psychologists refer to as Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). This is mostly blamed for some of the erratic behaviors associated with service men and women who have ended their period of service with the military and have had to be integrated into society.

The main reason for the high cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases amongst service men and women who have been in active combat points to some of the incidences these people encounter whiles in active combat. However, one key feature of PTSDs that is mostly ignored is the difficulty these veterans have when it comes to integrating them into society.

It is difficult for these hard working veterans to fathom why after so many years of serving their country, they come back home unable to find a well meaning job that will help them cater for their families and loved ones. As much as we would want to ignore it, there are very few jobs available in the job market and even fewer jobs for veterans who have no degrees or any form of higher education.

It is even more difficult for a veteran to get a job if he or she has no other skills aside military training and combat skills which may not be worth much in a peaceful community. These veterans go out looking for a way to vent their anger, which in most cases end up being a tragic situation that may involve innocent lives. A work experience degree may help cut back tragic incidence of violence involving veterans.

With a work experience degree from Universal Degrees, the degree holder will be able to apply for any job in his or her degree field. One factor that makes the work experience degree particularly suitable for service men and women is the fact that military training is one of the life experiences that can be used to obtain college credits for work experience. Under Universal Degrees’ work experience degree, military personnel can use both their military training and their military work experience to obtain a degree.

Due to the fact that Universal Degrees considers the training and work experiences of service personnel, the chances of these hard working men and women in uniform gaining a work experience degree is greatly improved. With the work experience degree, the service personnel can be assured of ready integration into the civil sector once he or she has completed military service. Employers always have a soft spot for ex service men and women especially since it is thought that these people will always maintain military type discipline in their day to day work at the company or organization. However, irrespective of how much employers may want to employ veterans due to their military training, they would be unable to offer these people jobs if they do not have degrees.

The work experience degree offered by Universal Degrees is the university’s own way of ensuring that the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the security of nations across the world are able to enjoy a life outside the military. If more and more service personnel are encouraged to use their military knowledge to acquire college credits for work experience degrees, then we would record low cases of violence involving military personnel who often tend to think that their countries have neglected them in their times of need.

As a matter of fact, governments around the world would not need to spend huge sums of money in operating veterans’ aid schemes. There is a Chinese saying that goes like this; give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Universal Degrees offers all military service personnel, the opportunity to enjoy a quality life that will be free from frustrations and government aid package.

If you are already in the service, take every single experience that comes your way with all seriousness knowing very well that there is a reputable institution that will convert these experiences into academic recognition. If, on the other hand, you have already retired from the military and have come to the harsh realization that life outside military service is not so welcoming, then we advice you seek a work experience degree from Universal Degrees. Military personnel who may have slight difficulties understanding the way the work experience degree works must know that first and foremost, the work experience degree is a legitimate academic degree.

The degree program works by awarding college credits for the experiences the degree seeker might have obtained in the course of regular work. Irrespective of the work we engage in, there are skills and knowledge we gain from these jobs. The work experience degree program assesses these skills and knowledge and then awards a degree in an equivalent academic field. It is simply a way of putting an academic value on the work experience of the person.

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  • Accounting
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  • Business Management
  • Computer Information Technology
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  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Marketing Management & Business Administration
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nursing