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Take your career to the next level with an Accredited Life Experience Degree or Work Experience Degree

The world we live in today is more competitive than in any other time in history. Globalization combined with factors such as outsourcing has resulted in a large number of jobs being lost to the developing countries. Consequently, this has resulted in shrinking the number of opportunities available to students and working professionals. With so much competition and not many jobs to offer, major corporations are looking for ways to both diversify and improve its human capital. Although, it could be said that increased competition leads to better overall results, it does seem unfair to working professionals who may not have the required degree or credentials to take their career to the next level.

Fortunately, we at Universal Degrees understand the situation and through our prior learning assessment structure, we provide the best opportunities for both students and working adults to earn an accredited life experience degree through the work experience that they have gained over the years. Earning a degree through life experience is a great way and sometimes the only way for many individuals to advance their educational credentials and hence take that next step in the career ladder.

What is a Life Experience Degree?

A life or work experience degree is a degree awarded to individuals based on the work experience that they have gained over the course of their professional work life. Using the Prior Learning Assessment structure, these degrees are awarded to those professionals who have shown excellence in their field of work and have a good hold and understanding in their area of expertise.

Over the years, online life experience degrees have gained prominence with an ever increasing number of working adults and students enhancing their career prospects. We at Universal Degrees understand the needs of working professionals and students. Our experienced professionals and educational counselors provide tailor made solutions to our clientele offering ease, convenience and great affordability.

Online Life Experience Degree will allow you to beef up your CV as well as allow you to apply for higher positions in your current place of work or a different organization altogether. The fact that you could convert your years of life experience in various fields in a verifiable degree is a source of joy for many professionals.

How to Earn Accredited Life Experience Degrees through your Work Experience

Many individuals have been working in the same position over a long period of time but are not able to get that promotion due to the absence of an accredited degree. Earning a life experience degree accredited is a great way of accelerating both your educational and career goals.

Many students and professionals opt for online life experience degrees because of the ease of degree attainment and the criteria required in attaining a degree. Using the prior assessment model, we collect all your previous work credentials and certificates earned in your course of work.

These credentials are then verified and evaluated by the board that is responsible for awarding the degree. Once the verification is complete, you will be notified which degree you are eligible for based on your work experience and other credentials provided.

So wait only if you are looking to add to your experience to earn a higher degree than you might be eligible for right now, if that is not the case, you must apply now to start going up the success ladder.

Enroll now for a Work Experience Degree

A Work Experience Degree accumulate your time, allows you control your time fine, gives you mobility, independence and the accomplishment of a excellence degree. Don’t give up on your professions to be present at an institution or campus, make use of the Work Experience degree alternative since you are sure to stand qualified with your work experience.

Everybody is encourage getting life experience college credit and taking benefit of an accredited, fully qualified and convincing online life experience degree from Universal Degrees and boost their possibilities of qualified growth.

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