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Are You Looking For an Easy but Legitimate Honorary Degree? Read This!

Most times, we come across doctorate degree holders who use the title ‘Dr’ and are often fascinated to be in the company of such highly distinguished individuals. However, if we are not told, how many of us can determine if the degree the fellow holds was obtained through the honorary degree program?

On face value, there is no difference between the honorary degree and the traditional degree that is obtained through active studying. On critical look, it will be revealed that the honorary degree is no less important than the traditional degree. Perhaps, the major difference between the traditional degree and the honorary degree is that whiles many people require the traditional degree in order to obtain a job; the honorary degree is awarded to those who are gainfully employed or self sufficient.

The traditional degree is awarded to an individual as prove that the person has a high knowledge of a particular field. This is basically the main reason why universities award honor based degrees to those who deserve them. As an accredited university, the honorary degree program should feature prominently on its degree options; this is the reason why Universal Degrees has made it a point to award honorary doctorates to a large number of people who have done their part in moving society forward. This is the very simple requirement we must all meet in order to qualify for an honorary degree.

By virtue of its affiliation with Corllins University, Universal Degrees has the mandate to award honorary doctorates to deserving fellows. One other significant reason to seek an honorary degree from Universal Degrees is that, once you are adjudged to be qualified to receive an honorary doctorate, you will be given the permission to use the title ‘Dr’. It must be said that a lot of prestige and recognition is attached to this title.

This is the reason why you need to contact us so we can assess your professional as well as personal experiences in order to determine if you qualify for an honorary degree. Universal Degrees offers a unique honorary degree program that is by far different from the other universities irrespective of whether they are online universities or traditional universities. This is because; Universal Degrees has the requisite man power to guide you through the process of acquiring an honorary degree.

The university is the only one of its kind that actually takes steps to assist individuals in gathering the right form of work experience and achievements in order to qualify for an honor based degree. While other institutions may simply reject your application for an honorary doctorate degree on the basis that you do not qualify, Universal Degrees will take time to explain the reasons for such an action and then take you through other options. It is important to note that in the academic world there are basically three important degrees of higher learning; the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctorate degree.

Your professional experience, personal lifestyle and achievements may not be enough for an accredited institution like Universal Degrees to award you with an honorary doctorate. However, you qualify for an honorary master’s degree. Since Universal Degrees’ honorary degree program takes care of all these academic degrees, the university will then work in collaboration with the applicant in order to award an honorary master’s degree instead.

Do not be tempted to think that the master’s degree is inferior as it will not only enhance your reputation when you are amongst your peers, but it will serve as a factor that will boost your chances of getting an honorary doctorate in the not too distant future. Through this scheme, Universal Degrees has assisted several individuals to obtain honorary doctorate degrees and as such are free to add ‘Dr’ to their names thereby commanding a lot of respect amongst friends and families.

Do not be envious of your previous school mates who have risen academically to the point where they have doctorate degrees and as such are using the title ‘Dr’. Whiles they were working seriously towards academic excellence, you were probably excelling yourself in your field of work. Why then should these people command a lot of respect than you? Well, this will only happen if you allow it, make that important call to Universal Degrees and you will receive a legitimate honorary doctorate based on your achievements in a matter of days. All degrees from Universal Degrees are under the hand and seal of Corllins University which is accredited by the Global Accreditation Bureau and the Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges & Universities.

An honorary degree may not be based on a particular major as it is intended to act as a mark of excellence and recognition. This means that the achievements and work experience that is considered for the award of this degree may come from unrelated fields. Getting an honorary doctorate is therefore not as difficult as most of the traditional universities will make us believe. The time to seek an honorary degree from Universal Degrees is now.

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