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Universal degrees awards globally accredited and recognized degrees in affiliation with Corllins University which is fully accredited by The Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges and Universities. Indonesia students, apply today at Universal Degrees and get:

  • A Globally accredited online degree
  • Flexible study options
  • Affordable tuition fee plan
  • Credit for your prior learning/life/work experience
  • 24/7 student counselors’ availability
  • Lifetime credentials verification service
  • Degree approval within 24 hours*
  • More than 250 areas of study to choose from
  • Convenient, flexible and quick admission process
  • Completely Self-Paced and Self-Study Programs
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Universal Degrees offers self-paced and self-study distance learning full time degree, diploma and certificate programs in a wide variety of study fields, which are:

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Universal Degrees offers Prior Learning Programs in a wide variety of career fields, in collaboration with Corllins University on the basis of prior learning and experience.

Degree Programs
Diploma and Certificate Programs

Academic Consultation

Universal Degrees offers 24/7 Free Academic Consultation to current and prospective students in the Indonesia and around the world. This includes free academic and career advice and consultation by academic experts, who answer your queries and guide you from the moment you enroll, to the moment you graduate and even after that.

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People seeking employment in the private sector, employers do recognize and accept these Life Experience Degrees. But do not believe the websites created by these Life Experience Degree schools that promise full acceptance. That's not accurate. Their claims of achieving success and recognition are often highly exaggerated. The bottom line here is that these degrees do stand a great deal in real world. It's true that not 100% of all private employers will accept your online life experience degree. However, 50 to 65 percent will.

List it on your resume towards the bottom. Do not try to hide it. Do not be ashamed of it. Do not include it on your cover letter. You are selling your skills and abilities. The psychology behind this is that you want the employer to be interested in you all through reading of your resume. Most resumes get less than a 30 second glance. Get yourself secured before they see your education.

Indonesia online degree program, Indonesia online diploma and Indonesia online certificate that accepts your prior learning credits are easy means of providing you Indonesia accredited degrees/ Indonesia accredited online degrees. In Indonesia buy degree, Indonesia affordable degree that is, purely based on your prior learning credentials. So turn to Universal Degrees to earn a globally accredited & recognized degree online and enjoy flexible study options at affordable tuition fee plan.